Workshirts from King gee!

For each workwear and safety wear, what is more, important is that its quality must be of the paramount level. This stress on quality is because this work shirts /workwear clothing help to protect the wearers from the harsh work conditions, in other words, the tradies rely on these workwear clothing. If only they are of the highest quality, can they be relied upon and be the pride of the tradies

Beginning from 1926, for over 90 years, a brand has been clothing Aussies with the best workwear and work shirts. Each of the products of this brand was heavily relied upon by the Aussies as it was designed and manufactured to provide the best comfort and protection and showcase great durability and functionality. And this brand is none other than Australia’s most trusted and preferred brand - KingGee.

KingGee brand has become an Australian icon, because of its range of products and their quality. Each of king gee work shirts products is designed to facilitate our everyday activities and to reduce the demands and stress of the work each tradie engages in every day.

To make sure that the products are comfortable, functional and presentable, king gee work shirts have adopted the necessary measures to ensure that the fabrics ensure great tear force, braking force and colour fastness. Each of the new products that KingGee workwear introduce in the market is wear-tested with real workers to make sure that they can outdo all needs and tests of the work industry. What is of much importance at KingGee is quality and one can be sure that the brand never sacrifices it.

High Vis workwear is one of the most important products in the Australian work industry. These High Vis workwear can have highly reflective properties or they would sport a colour that is easily identifiable from a distance. People who mostly wear this High Vis workwear will be those who are working near moving vehicles or equipment or in dark and low light areas.

Hi-Vis work shirts are a category of High Vis workwear that a tradie can use while at his workplace, which features the situations mentioned above, like moving vehicles and dark areas. Coming with bright contrast colours and often with reflective tapes, they help the wearers to be easily noticed by the other people, like vehicle drivers, so that they can keep their distance. Thus, it had become imperative that tradies wear king gee work shirts to stay safe at their workplace.

King gee work shirts, the iconic Australian brand, has a good range of High Vis workwear that is the most sought after in the Australian work industry. Their High Vis workwear is ensured to comply with High Visibility Australian Standard AS/NZS 1906.4 and AS/NZS 4602.1:2011, to provide the wearers with the maximum protection possible. The work shirts from KingGee are also manufactured with this quality, making it the best work shirts in the industry.

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