Women’s Boots at Budget Safety Wear

Women’s Boots at Budget Safety Wear

Stats reveal that, across Australia, 46.4%, among the total employees, comprise of women employees. Among these, 24.8% of the employees work full-time, while the rest 21.6% of women employees are engaged in part-time works.

In the Australian industry, women employees engage in jobs in a variety of industry verticals that include Healthcare, Hospitality, and Corporate jobs. But now, their presence can be witnessed in male-dominated industries such as Mining, Construction and Public Administration and Safety, though stats point out that they have only 15.8%, 15.9% and 20.4% participation respectively in these verticals. Well, with these verticals being dominated by men, and usually considered as ‘for men’, the above-mentioned participation of women is a laudable one. And, all these stats point out one thing clearly, that women are becoming a major and recognizable workforce in the Australian work industry.

With the importance of women growing in the work industry, all major Australian workwear and safetywear brands have started to acknowledge this importance and have begun to cater to the work needs of the women. As a result, we can see that there began to be produced high-quality workwear and safety wear, designed especially for women, and one among them is the Women’s work boots.

Women’s Boots are manufactured with women-specific fit and designed for activewear. Embedded with the latest functional features, these boots are ably equipped to provide unmatched comfort and the lightweight construction can help to see that wearing and moving around at your workplace with these shoes are not a burden at all. Coming with slip resistant technology, these boots would make sure that you wouldn’t slip and fall while accidentally stepping on liquid spills.

At Budget Safety Wear, the best and the most popular store among the Aussies to purchase high quality workwear, safety wear and other PPE, we have a good collection of Womens Boots from one of the most famous manufacturing names in the Australian safetywear industry - King Gee. Among our varied collection, you can find that we provide shoes that are designed for the women tradies, mesh lace shoes that can cater to various industry purposes and other work boots.

The best part about purchasing from Budget Safety Wear is that we provide you with an awesome opportunity, where you can purchase the best products in the industry at the best affordable price. While many stores would charge you a fortune for purchasing high quality products, our pricing structure charges you only of what you need to pay, without compromising even a little bit on the quality of the product.

Budget Safety Wear now proudly offers an awesome deal that can help you save much more on your footwear purchases with us. If you are wondering what the offer is, it is that we are now providing free shipping offers for footwears across Australia, with only one simple condition. Well, don’t formulate the idea that this is a condition with a great catch, as it is not. This simple condition is that the footwear order should amount to at least $100, in order to make your order eligible for free shipping anywhere in Australia. And the other good news is that you can avail free shipping for King Gee Womens Boots too. With our affordable prices and free shipping offer, there is no limit to how much you can possibly save with us.

So, make your Womens Boots purchase an interesting one with the products, and the price at which we provide them, at Budget Safety Wear. Visit our online store now to browse through our products place your order.
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