Volley Footwear at Budget Safety Wear

Volley Footwear at Budget Safety Wear

The best pair of shoes out there in Australia that helped many Aussie rafters, bushwalkers, roofers and many other people carry out their jobs in the best manner is none other than from Volley brand. From 1939 onwards, this was the brand that adorned and protected the feet of many in Australia.

Volley is called the “sole of Australia” and such was its popularity that many people sought this brand for their footwear needs. Volley brand started its long history of footwear journey in the form of a classic tennis shoe, which was instantly popular among the tennis greats of that time. Those shoes sported an excellent grip and were called the Volley OC (Orthopedically Correct) and it helped the players to perform well on any turf.

After the immense popularity of this range, Volley continued to experiment on its products to bring out shoes that were better and provided great comfort while being extremely durable. In 1975 the most famous range of Volley products made its debut and it was Volley International. With the arrival of this range, the entire footwear industry itself was reformed and it was one great range that everyone started to trust and love.

Though the Volley brand started as a tennis shoe, it has been an important part of the fabric of the Australian community. This brand is the one thing you can commonly find sported by Aussies in the age groups of “nine to ninety”. By being one of the most versatile shoes and with a whole range of products for different purposes, Volley shoes are worn and loved by tradies, students, hospitality workers and many other people.

At Budget Safety Wear, you can find shoes from Volley brand and Budget Safety Wear is also the best place to purchase these awesome footwear products. Why? It is because we provide the best products at the best affordable rates so that you can always have your wish met, which is to have the best quality at the best price.

The Volley Footwear product that you can purchase from Budget Safety Wear is the Volley 138157 Street Canvas Men

The Volley 138157 Street Canvas Men is an awesome footwear with a wide profile safety steel toe and non-slip rubber sole. With this shoe, you can be sure of being able to stand on your feet even at the slipperiest of surfaces. This shoe also sports a padded collar with Volley Signature tape and the inner sole is cushioned for comfort and it is removable also. The rubber bump toe on this footwear keeps your toe safe from accidental bumps and pull on heel tab can help you easily pull the shoe to place. For greater strength, the rubber sole is attached to the upper with a contrast stitch. All in all, this is an amazing product for your casual wear needs.

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