Tough and Durable - Meet the Hard Yakka Footwear

Tough and Durable - Meet the Hard Yakka Footwear

To meet the high expectations of the tough Aussie bloke and to stay unscathed even after being exposed to the harsh work conditions, a big brand was born, and it was named Hard Yakka. For over 8 decades, this brand has shown immense work ethic and stood on par with the hard work showcased by the Aussie mates.

From a wide range of products developed and brought forth by Hard Yakka, one category has impressed the most, and it is their wonderful range of footwear. After years of providing unmatched safety to the Aussie working population with a wide range of workwear and safetywear, Hard Yakka decided to provide the Aussies with a range of footwear which matched the safety of their workwear. Thus was born the safety and non-safety range of workwear from Hard Yakka. Though it has only just been about 2 decades since the introduction of the first Hard Yakka footwear, it has become one of the most favoured footwear in Australia.

What makes Hard Yakka brand stand apart from the existing brands of footwear are some of the innovative features they possess. Some of the features are:

  • Composite Safety Toe Cap - This toe cap functions way better than the traditional steel toe caps. The important feature of this type is that it reduces foot fatigue as it is way lighter than steel. Among other advantages are features like better impact recover, anti-corrosive, non-metallic, non-magnetic and also offers greater insulation to the toes. The footwear of this type is great to wear in cold conditions.
  • Steel Safety Toe Cap - For the die-hard fans of the sturdy steel toe caps, Hard Yakka provides them with what they wish. The non-metallic safety toe caps are not suitable for all conditions, but the steel toe cap is suited to cater to all the needs of all sorts of working conditions.
  • Anti-Static - During production, a class of Hard Yakka footwear undergoes a special anti-static treatment process. Footwears manufactured using this technology helps the footwear to minimise electrostatic build-up and reduce the risk of spark ignition of flammable elements.
  • Hard Yakka Gel Innersole - Hard Yakka footwear coming with shock absorbent gel innersoles is perfect footwear for workers who are always engaged in activities outdoors. This helps in protecting the forefoot and the heel of the wearer, as there are also features like a deep heel cup and a grip bottom. A superior wicking, breathability and odour control technology provides a high level of comfort and helps prevents pain and fatigue.
  • Dual Density PU/TPU Outsole - Advancements in the innersole, midsole and outsole technology has added to the safety features of Hard Yakka range of footwear. While the innersole provides much comfort, the midsole made of PU (Polyurethane) provides superb shock absorption and the innovative TPU (Thermo Plastic Urethane) outsole is resistant to oils, common chemicals and heat.

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