Rigger Gloves at Budget Safety Wear

Rigger Gloves at Budget Safety Wear

The term ‘Rigger’ and the trade has been around there in history from the olden days itself. Earlier, Riggers were those people who used to work with ropes in order to hoist the sails of a ship. People engaged in this trade were responsible for providing the desired direction to a ship and even protect it from sinking during storms.

In the present times, a Rigger is a tradie who is engaged in lifting or moving very heavy and extremely large objects. The term is extended to incorporate all those who are engaged in the lifting, positioning, moving and transporting, pulling and securing of heavy equipment, machines and oversized loads.

The trade of rigging is a one that poses an increased risk of abrasions to the hand. Protection of hands is important when it comes to working in challenging situations. Well, hands can be considered as the most important part of the body, and for the tradies, hands are what helps them to earn a livelihood, and thus they have to be taken extra care of.

So, to minimize this risk and keep the tradie’s hands safe, certain PPE are required. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are those equipment and protective clothing that are created and designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection. It is a much needed element for tradies who are engaged in tough jobs that carry risks of injury or hazards.

The PPE that are designed and created for Rigger tradies are Rigger gloves. Rigger gloves are PPE that are used for a variety of purposes, including rigging and cable pulling, and are basically aimed at keeping the hands of the wearers safe from any kind of abrasion. Well, some of the industries that make use of Rigger Gloves are Construction, Warehouse work, Transport, Building maintenance, Boating and Fishing, Mechanics and such. This extended versatility of the gloves have added much to its popularity.

The high popularity of Rigger gloves is also influenced by the fact that they show high resistance to wear and tear and can be used over a long period of time. Mostly made of leather, Rigger gloves are designed to protect every area of the hand. The thick material of the gloves can protect the wearer’s hand while he is engaged in all sorts of tasks. With this property, the wearer need to use only one set of protective gloves throughout the day.

The need for high quality and durable Rigger gloves is paramount and important, and where can you purchase the best of these products from? Well, you have reached the right place. Budget Safety Wear is Australia’s leading online store, where you can purchase high quality safety wear, workwear, PPE and other protective clothing at the best rates in Australia. Excellence in service,, high in quality and low in price has made us one of the trusted and most favoured online shopping destination in Australia.

The Rigger Gloves that we provide at Budget Safety Wear comes from different leading brand names in Australia. From DNC Workwear, you can purchase the DNC GR01 PREMIUM COW GRAIN RIGGER and the DNC GR25 YELLOW PREMIUM GREY LEATHER GLOVE.  Hard Yakka brand manufactures the HARD YAKKA GLOVE G900B COWHIDE RIGGER and the HARD YAKKA Y26079 GLOVE G922 ARMORSKIN HAWK RIGGER. JB’s Wear brings out the famous JB'S 6WWG RIGGER GLOVE, which can be bought in 12 Packs deal that helps you to save more on the purchase.

Purchase the best Rigger Gloves from Budget Safety Wear, from the leading brand names in Australia at the best affordable prices. Visit our online store now.
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