Quality Flame Retardant Cargo Pants

Flame retardant fabrics are those that have the ability to be resistant to fire than other clothing. This property would either be inherent in the fabric, by the use of manufactured fireproof fibres or achieved through a special chemical treatment.

Flame retardant is the term used to refer to reduced fire hazard. This type of clothing comes of more importance when the tradie is working with electrical equipment, or in any other setting where there is an increased risk of catching fire. These fabrics can help in protecting the body of the tradie from harm or injury from fire by being a barrier between the body and fire. These products are capable enough to provide the sufficient degree of protection, till help arrives.

Flame retardant fabrics have some properties such as resisting ignition, or if burnt, it can be doused off easily once the source is removed. These garments also do not melt onto the skin of the wearer or open up and exposing the skin to the fire. Flame retardant clothing must comply with certain standards to be considered as fit for providing safety and protection.

Cargo pants are highly durable pants that sports one or more large pockets. These pockets can be much useful in carrying around any necessities so that you can have everything within a hand’s reach. Flame retardant cargo pants would be one of the most durable and functional of garments, as you can have safety, comfort and functionality at the same time.

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At Budget Safety Wear, the Flame Retardant Cargo Pants that you can purchase comes from Australia’s best loved brand DNC Workwear. The products available for purchase are the DNC 3419 Patron Saint Flame Retardant Cargo Pants with 3M F/R Tape and the DNC 3412 Patron Saint Flame Retardant ARC Rated Cargo Pants.

The DNC 3419 Patron Saint Flame Retardant Cargo Pants with 3M F/R Tape is a FR pants made of heavyweight cotton drill fabric that has a thickness of 311 gsm. Designed in a comfort fit, you can find a cargo pocket with a large flap on one side and a tool and mobile phone pocket on the other. On the back, there are two flap pockets, which makes this an awesome utility pant. A 3M F/R reflective tape can provide you with the necessary protection in low light conditions. This pants has anti-static feature that prevents the passing of static electricity. To ensure maximum protection, this awesome pant complies with International FR standards BS EN ISO 11612:2008. This pants is available in Navy colour in a variety of size options that include 72-112 (Regular), 97-127 (Stout) and 74-94 (Large). You can purchase this pants for an affordable $77.00.

The DNC 3412 Patron Saint Flame Retardant ARC Rated Cargo Pants is made of a cotton drill fabric, with a thickness of 311 gsm. This flame retardant pants from the Patron Saint range is designed in a comfort fit and sports a heavy duty nylon zip. On the utility side, this pant is amazing as on one side you can find as large flap pocket, and on the other a tool and mobile phone pocket. With an ATP Rating of 14 cal/Cm2, this pants comply with ASTM F1959/F1959M-12 Standard. Coming with a Oeko-Tex 100 Certification, this FR pant is safe to wear against the skin. With an UPF rating of 50+, you can have excellent sun protection and this pants provide electrical protection. This pant is available in Navy colour and different size options that include 72-102 (Regular), 87-132 (Stout) and 74-94 (Large). You can purchase this FR pants for an incredible $57.00.

Purchase the best quality DNC 3419 Patron Saint Flame Retardant Cargo Pants with 3M F/R Tape and the DNC 3412 Patron Saint Flame Retardant ARC Rated Cargo Pants from Budget Safety Wear at the best affordable rates in the industry, visit our online store now.