Purchase the best Unisex Tee from Budget Safety Wear

Purchase the best Unisex Tee from Budget Safety Wear

If you for even a moment thought that Budget Safety Wear was an online store exclusively setup for providing safety wear, then you are in for a surprise. Budget Safety Wear is a store that provides a varied collection of products that include teamwear, casual wear and many more.

One among the products that we provide each of our customers with is tees. Tees are one among the most popular garments of clothing used all around the world. Tees are garments that are plain and simple, and could also come with embellishments. With or without designs, they can provide wearers with a distinctive styling that most garments fail to provide them with.

The specialty of tees are that they are one of the types of garment that comes in a unisex fit. The build of a tee is simple. They usually have short sleeves, a round neckline and no collars and these features would easily suit both the men and the women, making tees a complete unisex clothing. Easy to wear and light on the body, they can effectively cater to all situations, be it as a casual wear, activewear or anything such.

Though now there are tees designed specifically for men and women, many clothing brands are out there designing and developing unisex tees. One among the brands is Biz Collection. Biz Collection is a brand that is much popular with the people, thanks to its range of high quality products that stand out from its competitors.

Biz Collection is a brand that does “know style”, and has a clear understanding of what the people wishes to have in a brand or find in its products. Biz Collection is now the proud manufacturer of a wide collection of products that caters to a wide range of industries, including quality uniforms, teamwear and promotional apparel, making it one of the most sought after brand by the Aussies.

Each apparel from Biz Collection brand is manufactured with energy, innovative ideas and styles that suit multiple applications and purposes. What Biz Collection gives much importance to is the quality of each of their product. It is because they believe in a ‘roundabout’ way philosophy. They believe that to make people trust the brand and come back for more, they should be provided with quality products that showcased the best functionality and durability and provided them style.

The unisex tee available form Biz Collection at Budget Safety Wear is the BIZ COLLECTION UNISEX BASE TEE - COLOUR (T10512). If you are looking for durability, along with unmatched comfort, then this is the tee for you. This tee is made of a fabric blend of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton that makes it the best in providing these qualities. The fabric has a weight of 145 gsm that helps it lay soft and easy on the body.

This quality tee comes in a modern fit style and has an easy tear-away label to facilitate promotional re-branding. Embellish this quality tee and you would get the best cost effective branding element you can ever wish of. This awesome unisex tee is available in Black, White and Navy colour options and in sizes that range from XS-3XL, 5XL. You can purchase this quality tee for $6.00.

If you wish to embellish this awesome tee, you can avail the best product customization services from Budget Safety Wear. One among these services we provide is Screen Print services. The services you can avail in screen print are 1 Colour Print, 2 Colour Print, 3 Colour Print and 4 Colour Print. Screen print can be done on your garments on the front in pocket size or on the back in A4 size.

One of the best features of screen printing with us is that you could get this service at the most affordable of rates. We have a pricing structure that helps you to save more, the more you order. As screen printing is best suited for bulk orders, you would need to have 15+ items to avail these services. You can print upto 4 colours with us and we charge setup fees for each colour that you use.

Purchase the best BIZ COLLECTION UNISEX BASE TEE - COLOUR (T10512) at the best affordable price from Budget Safety Wear. Visit our online store now.
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