Protect your Eyes with Stylish DNC Safety Specs

Protect your Eyes with Stylish DNC Safety Specs

DNC Workwear stands for Durable N Comfortable Workwear. But this brand is not only about manufacturing tough and durable apparels that helps you to work well. This brand also has a good collection of quality equipment that protects you from the harmful elements and other particles.

Equipment designed to protect you while engaged in work are called as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE refers to protective equipment include goggles, helmets, clothing and such that are designed to protect the wearers body from injury and infection. These equipment can protect you from physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, and other elements.

Though PPE is designed for occupational health and safety purposes, we can also see its application in sports and other recreational activities. Though protective clothing protects most of the body of the wearer, other equipment like helmets, gloves, eyewear etc. protects specific body parts.

Eyewear, as the name itself implies, are equipment designed to provide protection to the eyes while the tradie is engaged in work. Job related eye injuries are common across all work industries. Vision is important across all activities that we do, and thus eye is one of the most important organs that we have.

Eye injuries can occur in a wide variety of ways. Most usually, injuries to the eye can occur when solid particles like silver, wood chips, sand or any other tiny particle gets into the eyes. Some other causes include chemical burns, thermal agents, from sources such as welding torches, UV light and such. It is where safety specs comes in play.

Safety specs or glasses are designed to provide the eyes with protection from external debris. They also provides protection on the sides by a wrap-around design or side shields. These can help keep your eye safe whenever you are engaged in work. From DNC you can find a great collection of safety specs. The greatest feature of these specs is that they can also be used for casual purposes, thanks to the great style it provide you with.

At Budget Safety Wear, Australia’s best online store for purchasing the best quality workwear, safety wear, teamwear, casual wear and such, you can purchase the best quality eyewear at the best prices in the industry. We list some of the major brand names in Australia so that you wouldn’t have to compromise on anything.

The DNC Safety Specs that you can purchase from us are DNC SP01 Visitor Safety Spec for $3.00, DNC SP02 Vulture Safety Spec for $3.00, DNC SP03 Solar Safety Spec from $3.00, DNC SP04 Hurricane Safety Spec from $4.00, DNC SP05 Shark Safety Spec for $5.00, DNC SP06 Aurora Safety Spec from $7.00, DNC SP07 Universe Safety Spec from $5.00, DNC SP08 Hawk Safety Spec from $6.00, DNC SP09 Lady Hawk Safety Spec for $7.00, DNC SP11 Falcon Safety Spec for $6.00, DNC SP12 Eagle Safety Spec from $9.00, DNC SP31 Dragonfly Safety Spec for $14.00 and the DNC SP32 Transformer Safety Spec for $21.00

Purchase the best quality DNC Safety Specs at the best prices from Budget Safety Wear. visit our online store now.
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