Ladies work shirts from Syzmik

Syzmik is a brand that brought about a great change in the workwear industry. Well, with a range of products manufactured in the best quality, for outstanding functionality and durability, reformation is bound to happen. 

Today in this blog we bring you Syzmik work shirts that are specifically designed for ladies.

What makes Syzmik work shirts stand apart from the other brands is that each of the products the brand develops undergoes strict testing for compliance with all industry standards.

Not only compliance to the standards, but they are also tested for their durability and comfort so that all the needs of hardworking men and women across various industries are met and catered. Using the latest designs and innovative fabric technologies, these  Syzmik work shirts are designed to be a reliable partner for all those who crave for quality clothing.

The work shirts are supposed to be done with care for it needs to be comfortable throughout the day. When it comes to women, its hard to get comfortable in work shirts that are ill-fitted.

Here we bring you two awesome Syzmik work shirts that cater to the varied needs of the working women:

Syzmik work shirts

This work shirt is made of 100% lightweight cotton twill with a weight of 145gsm. For retaining its freshness and look at all times, the fabric is fade tested. The triple-stitched seams can ensure the durability of this shirt and for functional and utility purposes, The back has an extended curve to make sure that the shirt stays tucked in if you do so. The Syzmik work shirts provide excellent UV protection with a UPF rating of 50+.

Syzmik work shirts

 The fabric sported by this work shirt is a 100% cotton twill that is in the lightweight category, with a weight of 145 gsm. This work shirt is highly durable, thanks to its triple-stitched seams. This Syzmik work shirt has 2 pockets on the chest, one-button flap pocket and one welt pocket. The work shirt also features a centre back yoke pleat. The work shirt provides excellent UV protection with a UPF rating of 50+, and complies to AS/NZ 4399.

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