KingGee Hi Vis Polos at Budget Safety Wear

KingGee Hi Vis Polos at Budget Safety Wear

It has been a long time since work industries and tradies have realized the importance of high visibility (Hi Vis) clothing. It is regarded as one of the most important garments of the work industries, as they are designed to keep the tradie safe at his work times.

Hi Vis clothing are considered equally important across all industries in the world. The safety properties of hi vis clothing comes mainly from the colour these garments sport. They are usually made of bright colours that stand out from any background. Some safety clothing would also have high reflective properties, thanks to the reflective tapes they have on them. The reflective tapes make these clothing useful at low light conditions and dark areas.

There are many types of hi vis clothing, with one among them being Hi Vis Polos. As they are polo shirts, the garment provides the best comfort to the wearer and it is also easy to wear. This has made hi vis polos to be one of Australia's favourite safety clothing which can be worn for work purposes and casual purposes too. To cater to the increasing need of hi vis polos, many brands have come to the forefront, with one among them being KingGee.

KingGee is one among Australia’s veteran brands. Launched in 1926, this brand currently has over nine decades of experience in catering to the clothing needs of the Aussies. Each of the work garments from this brand are known for their quality and careful craftsmanship.

KingGee isn’t a brand that has tried to stay where it was in the beginning. It has always tried to evolve with each changes occuring in the work industry and work environment. With a passion and expertise second to none, the premium products of KingGee brand are engineered to ensure comfort, durability and functionality, thereby enabling each tradie to work their best in all conditions.

A variety of ranges are what makes KingGee one of the best clothing brands in the Australian industry. With innovative designs and fabrics, each ranges are designed to ease the work stress and pressures and help each tradie experience better working times. To ensure this, the brand makes sure that their products comply with all safety standards and use only the best materials during production.

A great collection of Hi Vis Polos, among many other clothing, makes KingGee one of the most sought after brands in Australia. So, now where can you buy the best Hi Vis Polos from KingGee? Well, options are many, but the best option is only one - Budget Safety Wear.

Budget Safety Wear is Australia’s leading online store from where Aussies can purchase the best clothing at competitive prices. We have a huge collection of products that include workwear, safety wear, teamwear, casual clothing, PPE and many more. These products come from some of the leading brands in Australia, including KingGee.

The KingGee Hi Vis Polos that you can purchase from our online store includes KingGee Hyperfreeze Spliced LS Polo-segmented Tape-(K54225), KingGee Hyperfreezed Spliced L/S Polo-(K54235), King Gee Hyperfreezed Spliced SS Polo-(K54215 ), KingGee K54840 HyperFreeze Polo Shirt L/S and the KingGee K54845 HyperFreeze Polo Shirt S/S.

At Budget Safety Wear, you can also make use of high quality Embroidery Services. In our embroidery services, you can avail Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery. We do not charge any setup fees for our embroidery services which makes you save upto $44.00. We also provide these services at affordable rates and with no minimums. This helps you order even a single item for embroidery. Our pricing structure is also devised in such a way that you save more, the more you order.

Purchase the best KingGee Hi Vis Polos from Budget Safety Wear at the best rates in the industry. Visit our online store now.

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