JB’s Polarised PPE Spec for Safe Work Times

JB’s Polarised PPE Spec for Safe Work Times

Everyone wishes to stay safe while they are engaged in work. It is towards this purpose that they wear work and protective clothing and other equipment. Collectively, these equipment are known as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

PPE is equipment designed to protect the tradie’s body from injury or infection. The hazards PPE is designed to address include physical, electrical, heat, chemicals and other particulate matter. PPE is usually worn for occupational safety and health purposes, but we can also see its application in recreational activities too.

PPE refers to protective equipment including goggles, helmets, clothing and such. Though protective clothing protects most of the body of the wearer, other equipment like helmets, gloves, eyewear etc. protects specific body parts.

Eyewear, or commonly referred to as goggles, as the name itself implies, are equipment designed to provide protection to the eyes. Job-related eye injuries are common across all work industries. As vision is important for all the activities that we do, the eye becomes one of the most important organs that we have.

Injuries to the eye can occur in a wide variety of ways. Most usually, they can occur when solid particles like silver, wood chips, sand or any other tiny particle gets into the eyes. Some other causes include chemical burns, thermal agents, from sources such as welding torches, UV light and such. It is where safety specs come in play.

One such Safety Spec is the JB'S 8H060 POLARISED SPEC. This quality safety spec has a co-moulded close fitting 8 base with medium impact lens. The straight temple arms with rubber grips provide the best fit and comfort for the wearers. This safety spec is equipped for true colour definition so that you can see everything as it is.

For added comfort, you can find that this safety spec sports a rubber nose bridge. The premium polarised lens is best suited for use in high glare situations. This lens also helps to reduce eye stress. The durable and hard-wearing polycarbonate frame is light in weight but strong enough to take on anything. This spec comes in a pack of 12.

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The JB'S 8H060 POLARISED SPEC is available for purchase from Budget Safety Wear in Grey and Brown colours. This quality product can be purchased at $320.00 and comes in 12 pack.

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