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The brand journey of Hard Yakka began in the 1930s, making it a veteran in the field of workwear clothing. Though it began as a small clothing company, the aim of Hard Yakka was to produce workwear that excelled in all departments and led the way in every area. This brand was constantly striving to bring out the best always, and it helped the brand name be synonymous with quality, toughness and durability.

Complacency isn’t something that we can attribute to Hard Yakka work pants. This brand is one which constantly tries to improve and evolve with each change occurring in the workwear industry. Hard Yakka constantly tries to be the top brand in the workwear industry, which helps us have a brand that works hard at all times.

Hard Yakka, a name that translates to “hard work”, is an Australian brand that brings out products designed for the tough Australian work conditions. Hard Yakka provides each of its customers with high-quality products that help them to work to their best in all conditions.

A great number of quality and functional product ranges are what sets Hard Yakka work pants apart from the other brands. One among them is KoolGear. Well, this is a range that is designed for the ultimate comfort of the wearer.

Koolgear is Hard Yakka's range of lightweight, ventilated work shirts, work pants and work shorts engineered to keep you cool in hot, physically demanding environments. The products of this range are engineered with naturally breathable but durable fabrics. With ventilation in high heat zones, these products are the ultimate in cooling. With these products, you will be comfortable, no matter what the day throws at you.

From the KoolGear range, two products stand out and they are the HARD YAKKA Y02300 KOOLGEAR VENTILATED CARGO PANT and the HARD YAKKA Y02275 KOOLGEAR VENTILATED CARGO PANT. Let us take a look at them:

work pants

A cargo pant designed for the best comfort, this product is made of naturally breathable but durable 100% cotton dobby fabric. This ensures that you would have the best comfort at all times and help you to carry out your tasks easily. The fabric has a weight of 235gsm that makes it strong enough to face all the challenges that the work industry throws at it.

This is the most ventilated pant from Hard Yakka work pants. This work pants comes with ventilation at the back yoke, back knee and crotch for providing each of its wearer with the best comfort and cooling. The work pant has a mesh lining. The mesh is 100% polyester with an antimicrobial finish that helps it to fight odour causing bacteria.

This work pants comes in an improved relaxed fit with some added articulation in the knees. So, always be sure that your range of motion is not limited. This work pants is available in Khaki, Charcoal and Navy colours and in size options that range from 72-107 (R), 74-94 (L), 87-132 (S). This Khaki pant is available for purchase at $57.00.

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This is a work pant designed for hard working women. This cargo pant is made of naturally durable and breathable 100% cotton fabric. With a weight of 235gsm, this fabric ensures that it is durable and comfortable at the same time.

This work pants has ventilation at the back yoke, back knee and crotch for the ultimate in cooling comfort. This pant also has a mesh lining of 100% polyester. This mesh comes with an antimicrobial finish to fight odour causing bacteria. This cargo has multi-functional pockets designed to cater to your various needs.

This work pant is available in Charcoal, Navy and Khaki colours and in size options that range from 8-22. You can purchase this garment for $59.00.

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