Hard Yakka Hi Vis Wear at Budget Safety Wear

Hard Yakka Hi Vis Wear at Budget Safety Wear

Who would you call as the toughest? Well, it would be the one that shows great strength, refuses to be outmuscled and easily overcomes the tests and challenges thrown at them. Well, if there is something out there that can be called as ‘the toughest’, then it undoubtedly is Hard Yakka.

Hard Yakka is a brand that has its history dating back to the 1930s, and the brand name can be translated to ‘Hard Work’ in Australian aboriginal language. Well, this is a brand that was born to work, to perform, to outdo everything, even while being soft on the wearer’s body, providing him with comfort and the necessary protection.

Hard Yakka brand was born with the intention to provide the best workwear that excelled in every area, was unchallenged and led the way for others to follow. The quality of which this brand produced products made it so popular among the Aussies and soon Hard Yakka became a name synonymous with quality, toughness, and durability. Still, this brand was all into improving and evolving so as to provide the very best to the people.

Hard Yakka has set its mark in a lot of categories by bringing out quality workwear, safety wear, casual wear and such, that was functional and durable. Among the safety wear that Hard Yakka produces, you can find a great range of Hi-Vis garments. Hi-Vis (High Visibility) is a type of clothing that is an important element in any type of industry.

As the name suggests, the function of Hi-Vis clothing is to provide the best visibility and it would help others make aware of the wearer’s presence and take necessary actions. Hi Vis garments are used when the tradie is working amidst moving traffic or equipment. These clothes usually would sport bright and contrasting colours that would stand out from any background. For the night or low light Hi-Vis properties, these garments would be taped with a reflective tape that would reflect the light from vehicles’ headlights and thus the driver can keep a safe distance.

Hard Yakka is a brand that is well renowned for the range of Hi Vis clothes that they manufacture. They ensure that each of their Hi Vis Workwear meets the relevant Australian and New Zealand standards AS/NZS 4602.1:2011. They have also taken care to adopt a step that ensures the maximum safety of their customers. Their Hi Vis products include a Fade Shade Label which helps you to identify the time the high visibility shades become non-compliant. Though the garment may lose its colour through use and wash, this label retains its colour so that you can stop using it at the right time. This label is positioned on the front of the garment so that it is easy to assess when the Hi Vis apparel is no longer compliant.

With these innovative features, Hard Yakka is the best brand to purchase Hi Vis clothes from. And now, where will you purchase quality Hard Yakka Hi Vis clothes from? Budget Safety Wear is undoubtedly the best place to purchase quality workwear, safety wear, casual clothing, promotional wear and such garments at the best prices in Australia. At Budget Safety Wear, we are engaged in providing the best in quality at the best prices, and it has helped us to be the most trusted and favored online stores in Australia.

At Budget Safety Wear, we have a good collection of Hard Yakka Hi Vis Wear that are the best in quality and durability and can be purchased in the best rates. The categories of products that you can purchase from Hard Yakka in Hi Vis range are Hi Vis Fleece, Hi Vis Overall, Hi Vis Jackets, Hi Vis Pants, Hi Vis Polos, Hi Vis Shirts, Hi Vis Vests and Hi Vis Coverall.

At Budget Safety Wear, we provide quality Embroidery Services that helps you to decorate your garments with your organization’s logo so as to use them as a branding medium. The services that we provide in Embroidery are Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Name Embroidery. We do not charge any setup fee for our services and have an affordable pricing structure that helps you to save more as you order more. We also do not have any minimums, so that even if you need only a single item embroidered, you can do it at the best possible price.

Purchase the best Hard Yakka Hi Vis Wear from Budget Safety Wear at the best prices in the industry. Visit our online store now.
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