Free Shipping on King gee and hard yakka Boots at Budget Safety Wear

Free Shipping on King gee and hard yakka Boots at Budget Safety Wear

The rough and tough conditions of the industrial workplace require tradies to wear Personal Protective Equipment. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are those equipment designed to keep the wearer’s body from injury or hazards.

PPE come in many forms and each protects a specific body part. Helmet protects the head, gloves the hand, specs the eyes, safety clothing the body and so on. So, what is it that protects your feet? It is the footwear. Footwear, as a PPE, comes with all the necessary features that can protect your feet from chemicals, compressions and so on.

Quality footwear are the most sought after products in Australia and many brands have come to the fore of manufacturing the best. Among the many brands, the ones that stand out among them are KingGee and Hard Yakka. Let us now briefly look into what these brands are all about.

KingGee, which began its services in the 1926, is one of Australia’s most trusted and favourite brands. This brand began its services as a manufacturer of quality workwear that was specifically designed for the Australian work conditions. KingGee believes in doing everything well even if they do it only once. Well, this means that they manufacture the most complete work garments.

All KingGee products are known for their quality and careful craftsmanship. Even though being a brand with over 9 decades of experience, this brand is always trying to evolve with each change occuring in the work  environment. KingGee always tries to bring out premium products that provide comfort, durability and functionality, that helps the wearer to work at their best in all conditions.

The safety boots developed by KingGee is designed in compliance with the latest Australia and New Zealand Standards for protective and occupational footwear, AS/NZS 2210.3:2009. KingGee also tests that each individual component of the boot like fabric, sole, thread, lining, etc. is compliant to the standards. The boots also undergo tests such as bonding tests, compression tests, and impact tests to make sure that it is strong enough to tackle anything in its way. To ensure great safety, the footwear from this brand are Podiatry endorsed, making it the best for the feet.

Hard Yakka is a brand designed for the hardworking tradies, to protect them and keep them safe, when they need it the most. It is a brand that works hard as each of its wearers and the brand name itself translates to ‘Hard Work’, with Yakka being the aboriginal word for work.

Hard Yakka brand has a rich history that dates back to the 1930s and from the time it launched, its aim was to produce “workwear that excelled and led the way in every area”. The quality that each Hard Yakka product showcased helped the brand to be a name synonymous with toughness, quality and durability.

After successfully providing the Aussie working population with a wide range of workwear and safety wear, Hard Yakka introduced a range of footwear that matched the safety of their workwear. Though, it has only just been about 2 decades since the introduction of the first Hard Yakka footwear, it has become one of the most favoured footwears in Australia.

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At Budget Safety Wear, we have a good collection of quality Hard Yakka and KingGee work boots that you can purchase at the best prices in the industry. The products that you can purchase with us are Hard Yakka Y60086 Gravel Emboss Lace, Hard Yakka Y60120 Utility Side Zip Wheat, Hard Yakka Y60089 Utility 6Z 150MM (6 inch) Side Zip, Hard Yakka Y60125 Utility Side Zip BLACK, Hard Yakka Y60088 Grit Emboss Pull Up, Hard Yakka Y60170 Utility Gusset NBK, Hard Yakka Y60085 Gravel Suede Lace, Hard Yakka Y60087 Grit Suede Pull Up, Hard Yakka Lace Zip Boot-(Y60200), Hard Yakka Y60116 3056 Gusset Boot, Hard Yakka 3056 Lace Zip Boot (Y60201), Hard Yakka Y60090 Utility 6Z 150MM, King Gee K27100 Tradie Boot, King Gee Flinders Suede Boot (K25180), King Gee K27390 Women's Tradie Pull Up, King Gee K27150 Tradie Boot, KingGee Women's Tradie Zip (K27380), KingGee Tradie Elastic Pull Up (K25200), KingGee - Womens Trade Zip Teal (K27370), KingGee K25250 Tradie Elastic Pull Up, KingGee Phoenix 6-Inch Zip Sided (K27880), KingGee Women's Tradie Zip (K27360), KingGee K27170 Traide Boa, KingGee Phoenix 6-Z (K27890), KingGee K27850 Phoenix Boot, KingGee Phoenix Boot Nubuck (K27800) and many more.

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