Free Embroidery Setup Deal is Back Again

Free Embroidery Setup Deal is Back Again

We know that you had missed it a lot. It may have felt like losing someone whom you hold very close to your heart. We also know that you eagerly wished it to return, and so we are here to make that wish a reality. Well, we have already made it a reality.

Hard to believe? Well, it is true. The free setup for all embroidery services at Budget Safety Wear is back again. Yeah, you heard it right. Now you can save almost $44.00 when you order embroidery with us, along with the products you order. Budget Safety Wear has been the favourite online store of Aussies because we know the wishes of the Aussies and deliver exactly that.

With our free setup deal for all embroidery types, you can now have the best and cost effective embroidery solution with Budget Safety Wear. some of you, who may be new to our site, would be wondering what is free setup. Well, let us explain.

Adding embroidery to products requires a process called as embroidery digitization. This is the process where an embroidery digitizing professional will recreate the artwork provided by you, say your logo, into a digital format. This digitized design would consist of paths that the embroidery machine can follow and sew it on the garment. This process of digitizing is often time consuming and most agencies charge setup fee for new designs as a part of this.

But this is where we stand apart from others. New or old, no matter what type of design it is, we do not charge anything towards the setup of embroidery. Because we are not charging any set up fee, don’t for even a moment think that we would compromise on the design. We would digitize it with the same care and attention we provide for all embroidery processes.

So now, what are the embroidery services that you can avail from Budget Safety Wear? Let us take a look:

  • Left or Right Chest Embroidery - This is an embroidery service where you can design the left or right chest of the garment with your logo or other design. Our Left or Right Chest Embroidery is best suited for  designs that are up to 12 cm or up to 10000 stitches. Our pricing starts at $9.90 and you can also avail it for as low as $4.40.
  • Back Embroidery - Our Back embroidery service is for designs that are up to 24 cm or 15000 stitches. The design would be sewn on the back top centre of the garment. Our pricing structure starts at $16.50, but you can also avail it for as low as $4.60.
  • Name Embroidery - With this service, you can add the name of your employees to the garments that you have ordered for them. You can also embroider your name to your garments with this service. This service is best suited for names that are up to 6 cm or 5000 stitches. You can avail this embroidery service for $7.70, but it can also go astonishingly as low as $3.30.

With these embroidery services that are designed to provide the best services at low costs and a free setup for embroidery, you can now have the best product customization solution with Budget Safety Wear. Visit our online store now.

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