Easier Work Times with KingGee Work Polo

Easier Work Times with KingGee Work Polo

From 1926 onwards, one brand has been revolutionizing the Australian workwear industry and a part of Australian history. It is none other than KingGee, a brand that wishes to do everything well, even though it is only one time that they do.

The brand was born out of very humble conditions, but it didn’t take much time for this brand to make a name for itself. Even from the first ranges of clothes manufactured by this brand, the quality and careful craftsmanship was much evident. This has helped the brand to rise into prominence and be the most trusted brand in Australia.

What sets KingGee apart from the other brands is that it is a brand that has evolved with each change in the workplace. This is much different from the brands that are content on what it has already manufactured and continues to do the same. With the desire to evolve and improve, KingGee makes sure that it stays ahead of the changing times and provide the people with the best safety and style.

From KingGee brand we can find a whole lot of quality products, among them which are polos. Polos are one of the most functional and durable of all products that can provide the wearer with the best comfort and help them to easily overcome all the challenges thrown at them by the work environment.

Polo shirt was originally designed as activewear, to cater to the needs of the then tennis players. The tennis players during the 1920s took part in games wearing tennis whites, which constituted of a white shirt and trousers. The shirt was long sleeved and so the players needed to roll them up. But during play, they would roll down, causing much discomfort to the players. To address this issue, a short-sleeved shirt with a placket opening and cotton fabric was introduced.

Today, polos are one of the most sought after garments all across the world. What makes polos more popular is that they can be used by all categories of people and they can cater to a wide variety of uses. They can function as workwear, casual wear, team wear, activewear with ease.

One quality work polo available in the Australian work industry comes from KingGee brand, and it is the KING GEE K69790 WORKCOOL L/S POLO. This quality polo sports the innovative Workcool Hyperfreeze technology. This technology ensures that the wearer is kept cool and comfortable at all times. This is a market leading cooling innovation that uses your sweat to lower the temperature of the fabric and keep you cool.

This polo is made of 100% Polyester fabric that is unchallenged in durability. The word cool fabric can ensure added comfort and the fabric has a weight of 170gsm. The polo also sports a flat seam construction that helps it to provide the best body comfort.

The Hyperfreeze fabric finish can ensure that the wearer receives the best cooling. The polo also sports side mesh panels for increased airflow and cooling. On the functionality department, the polo has a welt chest pocket with button closure and a pen partition. The greatest highlight of this polo is that it is designed for maximum airflow, with the engineered ventilation placed in high heat areas. This allows maximum air to flow through to the body, improving breathability and keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

The KING GEE K69790 WORKCOOL L/S POLO is available for purchase at Budget Safety Wear. Budget Safety Wear is Australia’s best-loved online store from where you can purchase the best quality safety wear, workwear, team wear, casual wear, PPE and much more at the best prices in the industry. We list some of the best-loved brands in Australia so that it is always quality purchases for you.

The KING GEE K69790 WORKCOOL L/S POLO is available in S, M, XL, 3XL and 5XL sizes and in Navy colour. This polo can be purchased for $31.00.

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Stay comfortable at your workplace and experience easier work times with KingGee work polo. Visit our online store now. 

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