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It is often believed that Australian work conditions are the toughest and harshest of work conditions. So, to perform well in those conditions, the major quality each workwear needed was durability, and not to mention the element of comfort.

As these elements became the most important qualities in workwear, a brand decided to provide these elements in all their garments and it is DNC Workwear. DNC, the name itself stands for Durable N Comfortable and it is regarded as the toughest of Australian brands, and to denote it, they sport the tough Aussie Croc in their icon.

DNC brand has been established with the aim to be a tough player of work shirts industry. This aim is evident through their range of products that showcase great toughness and resilience as the Aussie croc. Through these elements, DNC tells the world that it indeed is a tough breed of workwear designed to conquer any condition or any job, not just work shirts.

It has been over 20 years since DNC has been providing the Aussie workforce with high-quality workwear and safety wear. They strictly adhere to quality in the manufacturing of work shirts and every safety wear, and this has helped see DNC revolutionizing the work safety wear industry. This tough brand of work shirts has been successful in catering to the various work needs of the tough Australian mates engaged in the jobs in the toughest of work conditions.

There is a lot of work shirts and safety wear that has been designed for use in various work sectors. Among them come work shirts. Hi-Vis work shirts are an important element of workwear in Australia.  It is a type of clothing that enhances the visibility of the wearer by usually sporting bright colours and reflective tapes. With these features, be it day or night, it will be easy to spot the wearer or single him out, and this becomes effective while the wearer is working in the midst of moving traffic or equipment.

All major brands of work shirts have a good collection of hi-vis shirts, and so does DNC. The range of Hi-Vis work shirts, from DNC, are some of the most sought after workwear in Australia. These products sport some innovative features making it the best products in the industry. 

Lightweight weight fabrics used by DNC makes sure that the clothes are easy to wear, breathable and more comfortable and also that it dries quickly.

 Features like Cool-Breeze airflow cooling systems removes sweat and body heat and keeps the body dry, cool and comfortable. Each product of DNC provides good to excellent sun protection so that no matter how long you are out there in the sun, you can be safe at all times. The safety hi-vis work shirts of DNC is carefully created to make sure that they would comply with all industry standards and deliver the best protection. By using the best in class 3M tapes on their hi-vis work shirts, DNC ensures that only the best is provided to each of its customers.

These are some of the features that a DNC product has, and the features don't end here. As the provider of the best quality, DNC has become the most popular and sought after work shirts. So now, where can you buy the best DNC products at the best rates in Australia?

Budget Safety Wear, has over all these years been the most famous and popular online stores in Australia. At Budget Safety Wear, you can find a great range of high-quality workwear, work shirts, work pants. Budget Safety Wear has been set up with the intention to provide the best quality at the best affordable rates to businesses and individuals across Australia. And we have a good collection of high-quality Hi-Vis work shirts from DNC. 

At Budget Safety Wear, you can easily embellish your DNC Hi-Vis work shirts with embroidery, through our Embroidery Services. 

We at budget safety wear bring world-class workwear like Work shortswork pants and work shirts. We deal with many Australian owned brands which provide Workwear that is as per Australian authority standards. 

We have work shirts from brands that guarantee comfort. We carry branded work shirts like,

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  • All the above brands provide the best of comforts and make it easy for you to do your best in every work you do. 

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