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When it comes to our notice that the product that we have set eyes on is one from KingGee, then we would look no further, but buy it. Such is the popularity of the brand and it is one of the most trusted workwear brands across Australia.

KingGee workwear has been clothing the Aussies for over 90 years, with high-quality products that are designed to last and provide comfort while the wearer is engaged in hard tasks. Starting from the first overall that this brand manufactured, all attention was provided to ensure the quality of the products and to provide Aussies with products that were functional.

Now KingGee is famous for having a long line of work garments that are known for their quality and careful craftsmanship. Even though there have been a lot of changes in the work conditions and environments, KingGee has been able to cater exactly to the changing needs of the people. All of the products are crafted exclusively to ensure comfort, durability and functionality, thereby enabling the wearer to work at their best in all conditions. 

Providing the best garments, crafted by pushing the boundaries of garment development, have helped KingGee to lead the workwear industry. KingGee is now distinguished by bringing out a new level of clothing, manufactured with their unwavering pride and care. And among these products, we can find the KingGee work pants.

The distinctive features of work pants from KingGee are that they are “super tough”, “super comfy” and “super cool”. Well, for a product designed to cater to the industrial working people, none expects less. Products designed to cater to this sector should be durable and able to resist normal wear and tear. They should also help the wearer to be cool and comfortable at all times, and it is what the KingGee work pants deliver. Among these KingGee work pants, one pant needs a special mention and it is the KingGee Narrow Summer Tradie Pant.

This awesome KingGee work pants is made of 100% cotton drill material and weighs 190 gsm. This is a narrow fit pant designed exclusively to cater to the rigorous needs of industrial jobs. For instant comfort, these KingGee work pants have been treated to light enzyme wash, and triple-stitched seams at the crotch region and reinforced seat and hem can provide extra durability and toughness. 

This KingGee work pants also sports 12 multifunctional pockets that include large bellow cargo pocket, mobile phone pocket and wide entry side hip pocket. This feature makes this KingGee work pants a utility pant as you can carry many things around. This KingGee work pants also come with an excellent UPF rating of 50+ that makes it an excellent choice when you are searching for the best outdoor pants.

At Budget Safety Wear, the best online destination for the purchase of the best safety wear, KingGee workwear and PPE, you can purchase the KingGee Narrow Summer Tradie Pant. At Budget Safety Wear, you can purchase these pants at a competitive price of $63, which makes us the most affordable online destination to purchase this work pant. You can choose from its different colour options such as Black, Oiled Navy, Khaki and Charcoal.

Budget Safety Wear has partnered with Afterpay to provide you with new shopping and payment experience. Now you can purchase the high quality KingGee work pants without having to spend a single cent. While on the checkout page, after selecting this pant, you can choose the option Pay with Afterpay, and Afterpay will pay the whole $63 on your behalf. You can return the money back in 4 equal payments amounting to $15.75 that will be due every fortnight, and Afterpay service is interest free.

So purchase the best  KingGee Narrow Summer Tradie Pant at the best price from Budget Safety Wear, and yet, once again experience first hand the durability and toughness of the brand and its products. Visit our online store today itself.
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