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FR work pants should have some excellent features like resisting ignition, not breaking open, exposing the skin, or melting onto the skin and so on. In case of fire hazards, this clothing is the one thing that stands between fire and the health and safety of the trade. It is thereby important that these clothing should comply with certain standards that ensure that a certain level of protection is given to the wearer until help arrives.

There are many types of FR work pants that include shirts, pants, jackets, overalls, coveralls and such. Whatever category they are, the most important feature of each of them is to provide protection to each wearer. FR work pants, as is evident from its general purpose, provides the best protection to the wearer waist down.

The AS/NZS ISO 2801:2008 is the standard that must be complied by each FR work pants. While complying with this standard, the cloth can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury while in cases of fire hazards. If a tradie is wearing non FR work pants, there is an increased chance of more injuries being caused to the trade as they would continue to burn even when the source of fire is extinguished. FR work pants possess self-extinguishing properties that add to the protection feature of the garment.

FR work pants, as the name suggests are clothing that have the property of resisting burning or ignition. This property of FR work pants may either be inherent or chemically treated. FR work pants become an important element in trades that pose a risk of catching fire.

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