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Fire hazard is one of the most dangerous problems that can affect any work industry. It not only causes damage and destruction to the workplace, but also threatens to cause injuries to the tradies. Despite these, no one can stay away from work, but have to adopt precautionary measures to counter these hazards.

So how can a tradies stay safe in the work environment that has an increased risk of catching fire? Well the answer is, through the use of FR clothing. FR, Flame Resistant or Flame Retardant clothing, are clothing used in industries where there is an added risk of catching fire. FR clothing have inherent properties of being resistant to fire, or would be chemically treated, to be slow burning or have self extinguishing properties once the source of fire is removed.

Bisley Workwear has been an industry leader and the best when it comes to FR clothing. Not only FR clothing, but when it comes to the quality of a product, nothing can possibly outclass Bisley Workwear. With a rich history dating back to the 1950s, this brand has been in the forefront of providing quality products to all Aussies, making it the most trusted brand in Australia.

What Bisley believes in are some ‘old fashioned values’ like quality, value for money and exceptional service. These values are combined with the best innovative technologies and fabrics that helps it to produce outstanding products across various categories like Workwear, Protective Wear, Safety Wear, Casual Wear and Business Wear for men and women.

Bisley makes sure that it uses the best materials to manufacture its range of FR clothing. These products are also designed in the best functional and comfortable style that helps it provide the best comfort and protection. Each of the products in its FR range is made from fabrics that complies with worldwide standards so that the wearer is safe in all risk environments. The main fabrics that Bisley Workwear uses for its FR range is TenCate Tecasafe and Westex Ultrasoft.

The TenCate Tecasafe is a proven range of FR quality fabrics. The use of advanced technologies and an improved fibre composition have helped bring innovation to TenCate Tecasafe fabrics, making it laden with superior characteristics in terms of protection, comfort and durability. This fabric is undoubtedly the best for safety and for comfort.

The Westex Ultrasoft fabric line is flame resistant for the life of the garment, making it ideal for enhanced protection from electric arc and flash fire exposures. We can also find the Indura (Industrial (wash) Durability) fabric from this range. This is known as the “first FR resistant 100% cotton fabric engineered to provide guaranteed flame resistance for the life of the garment.”

If you are on the lookout for a fabric range that fulfils qualities like durability, comfort, protection, lightweight and such, then you will have them all with Bisley Workwear FR range. And where can you buy the best Bisley FR clothing from? You can buy them at Budget Safety Wear.

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At Budget Safety Wear, we have a good collection of FR clothing from Bisley Workwear, that includes FR Shirts. The products that you can purchase from this range are Bisley BL8082T Tencate Tecasafe Plus Women's Taped Two Tone Hi Vis FR Vented Long Sleeve Shirt, Bisley BL8098T tencate Tecasafe Plus Women's Taped Two Tone FR Hi Vis Lightweight Vented Long Sleeve Shirt, Bisley BS8002 Indura Ultra Soft Fire Retardant 2 Tone Hi Vis Drill Shirt 3M FR Reflective Tape - Long Sleeve, Bisley BS8004 Hi Vis Shirt - Indura Ultra Soft Flame Resistant With Tape, Bisley BS8081T Tencate Tecasafe Plus Taped Hi Vis Fr Vented Long Sleeve Shirt, Bisley BS8082T Tencate Tecasafe Taped 2 Tone Hi Vis Fr Vented Long Sleeve Shirt, Bisley BS8097T Tencate Tecasafe Taped Fr Hi Vis Lightweight Vented Long Sleeve Shirt, Bisley BS8098T Tencate Tecasafe Taped 2 Tone Hi Vis Fr Lightweight Vented Shirt, Bisley BS8197T Tencate Tecasafe Plus FR Taped Hi Vis Lightweight Long Sleeve Shirt, Bisley BS8237T Tencate Tecasafe Taped Two Tone Hi Vis FR Lightweight Vented Shirt, Bisley BS8238T Tencate Tecasafe Plus Taped Hi Vis FR Lightweight Vented Long Sleeve Shirt, Bisley BSC8075T Tencate Tecasafe Plus Taped Two Tone Hi Vis Closed Front Vented Shirt - Long Sleeve, Bisley BSC8082T Tencate Tecasafe Taped Two Tone Hi Vis Closed Front FR Vented Shirt and the Bisley BSC8176T Tencate Tecasafe Plus Taped Hi Vis Closed Front Lightweight Fr Shirt - Long Sleeve.

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