Best Podium Polos at Budget Safety Wear

Best Podium Polos at Budget Safety Wear

There would be no other garment that is as functional and versatile as polos, which makes them one of the most sought after garments all around the world. Polos are also one of the most worn garments of clothing used today and is used by all categories and genders of people for a wide variety of purposes.

Polo shirts were originally designed as activewear to cater to the needs of tennis players and replace the tennis whites used till then. The tennis whites included a long sleeve white shirt and trousers. The shirt was worn tucked in with the sleeves rolled up. Tennis is a game that requires the players to stretch and run constantly, which would often cause the shirts to often be pulled out and the sleeves to roll down. This proved to be much uncomfortable to the players at all times.

To counter this, a short-sleeved shirt with a placket opening and a tail longer than the front was designed and it is the polo shirt. It was designed by a tennis player and so it was capable of answering all the needs of the players. The pique knit cotton fabric was designed to provide great comfort to the wearers, without compromising anything on the durability of the fabric. Well, soon after its introduction, the polo shirt has been a popular garment among all. Be it for casual or active needs, nothing else can provide the wearer with the comfort and unique styling as a polo shirt.

Among the many brands that manufacture the best polos, one that deserves mention is JB’s Wear. JB’s Wear is one of Australia’s most recognized brands and this brand has been at the forefront of providing quality products for over 20 years.

What JB’s Wear provides is a great range of quality apparels that includes workwear, corporate attire, hospitality uniforms, casual wear and many more. JB’s Wear is a clothing brand that constantly strives to provide quality, reliable apparel for everyone. They achieve this through the use of high quality and durable fabrics that are laden with innovative technologies so as to provide the best comfort and protection to everyone.

The JB’s Wear Podium Polo range is one among the ranges that have made JB’s Wear much popular. The Podium is a performance range designed for the active lifestyle. Designed for active lifestyles, Podium sportswear is manufactured for comfort and is available in a wide range of popular, team colours. The Podium Cool Moisture Wicking feature sported by JB’s Wear performance wear is achieved from specially designed fabric that draws moisture away from the body towards the quick-dry surface, leaving the wearer fresher, dryer and cooler.

The Podium range comes in a variety of polos and we shall have a look at some of the best ones:

  • JB'S 7CYP COTTON BACK YARDAGE POLO - This polo is made of 55% Cotton and 45% Polyester for comfort and durability. A cotton back fabric, it has a weight of 170gsm. This polo comes with the Podium Cool Moisture Wicking feature. The straight hems have side vents for added comfort. This polo is available for $23.00.
  • JB'S 7BP PODIUM BOLD POLO - This polo sports a 100% Polyester pique knit fabric weighing 160gsm. This polo has the Podium Cool Moisture Wicking feature which is designed to help keep you cool and dry at all times. This polo provides very good sun protection and complies with standard AS/NZS 4399:1996. You can purchase this polo for $16.00.
  • JB'S 7IP PODIUM INSERT POLY POLO - Made of 100% Polyester fabric coming in pique knit style and weighing 160gsm, this polo is designed with mesh panel inserts for added breathability and cool comfort. The JBs Podium Cool moisture-wicking fabric is designed to help keep you cool and dry at all times. The fabric is also an easy-care fabric with quick-drying properties and caters to the active lifestyle. This polo can be purchased for $19.00.
  • JB'S 2MP PODIUM MOTO POLO - Designed for style, the chequered motorsport-inspired design on collar and cuffs provides the wearer with a unique style. This polo sports a 160gsm 100% Polyester easy care fabric which also provides the best sun protection. For durability, you can find the reinforced self-fabric tape and the Podium Cool Moisture Wicking feature provides comfort. This polo can be purchased for $18.00.
  • JB'S 7WP ADULTS WAFFLE SPORT POLO - This polo is made of a 100% Polyester textured waffle knit fabric with a weight of 185gsm. This easy to wear polo is designed to be paired up with anything and suit formal and casual purposes. The Podium cool features keep you comfortable and the quick-drying fabric is designed for an easy lifestyle. You can purchase this polo for $14.00.

The Podium polo range isn’t limited to these above 5, but goes even further on. Now, where can you purchase these polos from? Well, if you need to have the best shopping experience, then it is best to purchase from Budget Safety Wear. Budget Safety Wear is Australia’s best-loved online store from where you can make quality purchases of workwear, safety wear and much more at the best prices in Australia.

Visit Budget Safety Wear online store today itself to purchase your favourite JB’s Adult Podium Polos. Shop now.

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