Back Embroidery Services at Budget Safety Wear

Back Embroidery Services at Budget Safety Wear

Have you ever wished of having your brand name reach many people without a huge budget? If so, then just try out embroidery services. Embroidery is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective means of branding used today.

And now, how to use embroidery for your branding purposes? Simple. Just have the logo of your organization embroidered on the uniform of your staff. So, wherever they go, they will carry the name of your organization and let people come to know about it. No need for big budgets and thereby no hassles.

This could be the reason why embroidery services have become a huge business. Embroidery, as a means of adorning clothing, has been around for quite a long time, with evidence stating it to have been used in the 3rd century BC. With beautiful designs, they were meant to provide the clothing with a distinctive style and look.

Earlier, embroidery was just a pastime activity and more of a hobby. Now, with it becoming a huge business, the only difference that embroidery has undergone would be the use of machines to embroider garments in bulk. Machine embroidery was introduced by the industrial revolution and it is the most used means of embroidery now.

Machine embroidery used now is done by a computerized embroidery machine. This machine uses the patterns that are digitized with an embroidery software. A professional digitizer would recreate the design of your logo into a digital format that would be followed by the embroidery machine.  Machine embroidery is used mostly in product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform adornment.

If you wish to avail quality embroidery services, Budget Safety Wear is the best store for you. Budget Safety Wear is all about providing the best quality safety wear, workwear, casual clothing, team wear, PPE and much more at the best rates in the industry. We also provide quality embroidery services for all your product customization needs.

Among the embroidery services that we provide, one is Back Embroidery. Back embroidery is one of the most sought-after embroidery types as it has the advantage of letting the logo design appear bigger than the other types of embroidery.

Back Embroidery is provided for designs that are up to 24 cm or 15000 stitches. They would be sported on the top centre of the garment so that it would be clearly visible to all others. The highlight of this service is that it can be availed at the most affordable rates, which can go as low as $4.60. We also have a pricing structure that helps you to save more, the more you order. We also provide free shipping for our embroidery orders.

We also charge a small setup fee for availing our embroidery services. Embroidery setup fees are charged from new customers or new logos, which hasn’t been worked on by us earlier. For designs that we have worked on earlier, we would not charge any setup fees. Our setup charge is a low $44.00, making our embroidery services the best affordable in the industry.

You can also get the setup fee waived if your order has more than 10 quantities. So, no matter if you are a new customer with us or you have a new logo to be set up and embroidered, just order more than 10 quantities and get the embroidery setup absolutely free.

Ordering Back Embroidery with us is an easy task. From the Menu Bar of Budget Safety Wear, choose Embroidery and from the resulting drop-down choose Back Embroidery. After you have been navigated to the page, you can upload your artwork. In the Additional Information box, you can enter any particular details if any, choose your Quantity and Add to Cart. Well, it is as easy as that.

Avail quality Back Embroidery services from Budget Safety Wear at the best affordable rates and take the best step towards branding your organization. Visit our online store now.
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