Aussie Pacific Tasman Tee at Budget Safety Wear

Aussie Pacific Tasman Tee at Budget Safety Wear

The desire of each and every person is to take the things they are engaged into the next level, to push the boundaries, so that they can perform more effectively. And now, if you are searching for a brand that helps you perform to your best, then it is Aussie Pacific.

Aussie Pacific is all about taking you to the next level, both through its activewear and corporate wear. Each product they manufacture is carefully designed and molded with excellent craftsmanship so that they provide the best durability and functionality, and the best comfort too. They can easily withstand the needs of all workplaces and all other activities and showcase the best performance that others can’t even match.

Aussie Pacific is more renowned for its great range of quality active and sportswear that they have manufactured. Among these ranges, there is one awesome range that accelerates your performance. This range is none other than the Tasman range, a well-built range for all occasions and needs. With Tasman range, it is game on. Tasman range has polos, tees, and singlets.

Tees are easy to wear and quality garments that are worn by all categories of people for a wide variety of purposes. They are used as a casual outerwear or as activewear and so on. They can easily cater to all the needs one would have. Tasman tees are exclusively designed to cater to the activewear needs of the people and it has got some good quality features that make it the activewear in the market.

Tasman tee is made from a 100% Polyester fabric that provides the best comfort and showcases great functionality at all times. They have a thickness of 150 gsm that feels light on the body and helps you feel comfortable. Aussie Pacific Tasman Tees are available for Kids, Mens, and Ladies, in a variety of color options and size options too.

The greatest feature of Tasman Tees is that they sport the DRIWEAR moisture removal technology that helps in keeping the wearer cool, fresh and dry. With this technology, the moisture on the skin will be quickly wicked to the surface, where it would dry faster. To add to the comfort level, the fabric uses a micro knit pattern that helps the fabric to be breathable, light and soft. By using snag resistant fabric, Aussie Pacific ensures that Tasman Tees are more durable and won’t be abraded when coming in contact with sharp or rough objects.

For men, Tasman tees would be coming in around neck style, with a self-fabric neckband. The side panels of the garment will be sporting a color contrasting to the body of the tee and the sleeves will also have these contrast colors, with details highlighted. This tee also sports a back neck reflective tab that can help hold earphones.

Women's Tasman Tee sports a V-neck self-fabric neckband. They also have a side panel that is of contrasting color, with the same color appearing on sleeves, though the details are more highlighted. For easy holding of earphones, you can find the presence of a reflective tab on the back neck of this tee.

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At Budget Safety Wear, you can buy Aussie Pacific Tasman Tees for Gents and Ladies. Tasman Tees for Gents can be purchased at an affordable cost of $20, while Ladies Tasman Tees are available for purchase at $19.

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