All new Hard yakka work pants by Budget safety wear

Wearing good safety wear is also a must in any work environment. Each environment will have the needs of its own. If you are someone who is on a hard yakka, then you got to have workwear clothing which can promise you the safety that you need. 

Safety is first in any workplace. Whether you are a supervisor or an operator, you need safety. Ignoring certain things in a highly volatile environment can make you compromise your safety. 

Here at budget safety wear, we bring you to work pants that double as safety wear you need. Work pants should not cause you discomfort while working. This resulted in giving you the best of work pants that ticks everything you would list.

Wondering what it is, here we bring you the Hard Yakka work pants. This Hard Yakka work pants is said to have below mentioned descriptions:

The Hard Yakka work pants are the only work mate you'll need.

  • Articulated fit for comfort & freedom of movement

  • Cordura reinforcement on key abrasion zones such as knees and pockets

  • Triple stitched for added strength

  • Multiple storage pockets

The work Pant also has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating for Ultraviolet Radiation transmitted through a fabric onto the skin. Always look for garments with a 50+ rating to be assured of excellent protection. Complies with AS/NZS 4399:1996 Sun Protection Clothing Classification. This pant has UPF 50+. 

The work Pant also cares for your knees with inbuilt provision for knee pads to be inserted into the pants and held in place. This will help if you are working on a low-level area wherein you will have to depend on your knees for reaching out. This work Pant as safety wear promises that safety you always craved for.

The work Pant comes with an articulated fit designed with a full range of movement in mind, the Hard Yakka articulated fit features strategically placed darting and engineered seams for the ultimate in comfort.

With all these things specifically done keeping every sort of problem that a battler can go through, this pant has become a legend just like its name. 

We at budget safety wear bring world-class workwear like Work shorts, work pants and work shirts. We deal with many Australian owned brands which provide Workwear that is as per Australian authority standards. 

We have work pants from brands that guarantee comfort. We carry branded work pants like,

DNC Work Pants

Hardyakka Work Pants

Jb's Work Pants

Kinggee Work Pants

Winning spirit Work Pants

AIW work Pants

Syzmik work pants

Bisley work pants

All the above brands provide the best of comforts and make it easy for you to do your best in every work you do. 

Check out our big range of work pants from the above-mentioned list along with Hard Yakka work pants and AIW work pants for many offers and discounts. 

Shop your needs now at Budget safety wear. We guarantee safety wear on a budget that fits all pockets. Shop now!

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