About FR clothing and its importance
When it comes to industries dealing with any type of electrical equipment, or in oil rigs, there is always a higher risk of fire that could be caused due to some equipment disorder or malfunction. In case of a fire, it may take some time for the authorities to come and fire rescue mission to commence. So, what would keep the tradies safe in the meantime?

This is a big question to answer, yet a simple one to answer too. The answer is Flame Resistant (FR) clothing.

Flame Resistant clothing is a type of safety wear that is made of fabrics that are more resistant to fire than other clothing. This property can be achieved by chemically treating them or by using manufactured fireproof fibres. A material that is flame resistant will be so the whole life of the garment.

The main advantages of FR clothing are:

• They can resist ignition and have self-extinguishing properties

• They provide thermal insulation from heat

• They do not melt onto skin

• They resist breaking open and exposing skin

Purchasing a FR Clothing for yourself or your employees is often a hard task, not because of the

unavailability of products, but because of the ‘whom to trust’ dilemma. While buying a FR clothing, you must be sure that you have got your hands to the best product, which can keep you safe in case of an unexpected hazard.

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